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Custom Homes

Malabar Drive Residence, Waterloo*
Toad Hall, Waterloo*
Nash Drive Singles, Hamilton
38 Old Cottage Place, Kitchener
34 Salisbury  Renovations, Cambridge



Multi-Unit Residential

Blacksmith Loft Renovations, Cambridge***

741 King Street North Apartments, Kitchener
70 King Street, Condominiums and Mixed Use Development, Waterloo***
175 Hespeler Road, Cambridge***
430 Connaught Street Apartments, Kitchener***
55 Erskine Avenue Apartments, Toronto
88 Gibson Street Condominiums, Ayr
Gordon and Lowes Condominiums, Guelph
89 Beechwood Townhomes, Guelph
Springbrook Drive Townhouse, Hamilton
Nash Road Townhomes, Hamilton

David Street Housing Development, Phases 1 and 2, Kitchener***



Seniors Residential

Shannex Ancaster Care Campus, Ancaster***
Shannex Eglinto Avenue Care Campus, Toronto***
Shannex Ajax Care Campus, Ajax***



Feasibility Studies

Waldau Woods Intensification Study, Kitchener***
355 Charles Street Intensification Study, Kitchener***
Seton Ridge Seniors Care Campus master Plan***
Barrie High Density Development Master Plan***
Waterloo Innovation Network Master Plan***
Ontario Tool and Die Redevelopment Master Plan. Kitchener***
Baker Street parking Lot Development Master Plan***
Shopping Plaza Mixed Use Redevelopment Master Plan***
410 Albert Industrial Land Mixed Use Redevelopment Master Plan***
107 McNab Street Redevelopment, Hamilton


* Project completed under Certificate of Practice issued to RHL Architects Inc. prior to firm name change to Robertson Simmons architects inc.

*** Project completed under Certificate of Practice issued to Robertson Simmons architects inc. prior to firm name change to MartinSimmons Architects Inc.