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One of Canada’s most successful high tech companies, Open Text develops content management software solutions worldwide.


This headquarters broke new ground in building technology by adopting advances in building systems and containing power, telecoms and HVAC in an access floor platform. This “plug and play” system offered savings in building height and operation costs, as well as more flexibility in office layout. The resulting open office landscape gives users more control over their environment and an unprecedented amount of daylight.


Set into a gently sloping hill, this three-storey building overlooks a natural park setting and Columbia Lake. Occupying one of the most spectacular sites in the David Johnston Research + Technology Park, the Open Text property connects to the University of Waterloo and regional trail system. Constructed of a poured concrete frame, reflective curtain wall glazing and metal paneling, the building provides a striking glass silhouette against the skyline.


Project completed under Certificate of Practice issued to Robertson Simmons architects inc. prior to firm name change to MartinSimmons Architects Inc.

Open Text Corporation


Building Area:

113,000 sq. ft.



Waterloo ON


Open Text Corporate Headquarters


Grand Valley Construction Association

2006 Building Excellence Award of Merit

Over $10 Million Commercial Category

Photography Credit:

Shai Gil Fotography