To us, client service excellence is not an option; it’s standard practice. It’s an inherent characteristic that is woven into the culture of our firm through our dedicated staff and proven approach.

As your partner, we believe you deserve certain things from us. It’s how we would want to be treated if we were on the other side of the table. It’s just the right way to do business.

Our philosophy is that you deserve;

  • a positive, pleasant, and engaging experience. It shows when a building has been designed and built with conviction.

  • to feel comfortable expressing your opinion and discussing any matter. Collaboration is key and open communication creates efficiency and improvement.

  • honest recommendations. We will be realistic about what can be done within your budget, provide options for contingency plans, and helpful information to assist you in decision-making.

  • a partner who listens. We place a premium on listening and are always open to hearing ideas. It’s the only way we can deliver what you’re looking for.

  • cost efficiency. We explore sustainable design features, construction techniques, material analysis, life cycle costing, and maintenance-free options, as well as suggesting ways to obtain grant money or available allowances to help offset fees, to stretch your budget further.

  • value through experience. We apply our collective knowledge and insight to everything we do, creating value and building enhancements.

  • design excellence. Our proven approach to balancing six key principles ensures we achieve this every time.

  • an experienced partner. Our experience can help avoid and navigate barriers, successfully solve complicated design challenges, handle intense scheduling requirements, and maximize budgets.

  • senior involvement. We dedicate a Partner-In-Charge and senior staff that remains actively involved and accessible to you throughout the project.