Sustainable design is more than just implementing green strategies, it’s an inherent responsibility that should be assumed for every project, not just for those targeting a LEED® certification.

Our holistic approach to the process involves assessing numerous criteria and translating them into design or planning activities that minimize environmental impact, reduce construction materials, and improve efficiencies to save you money.

This criterion includes site selection, method and sequence of construction, material selection, order of magnitude, envelope design, life cycle costs, finish selections, as well as mechanical, electrical and structural systems, and in some instances furnishings.

Through our resourceful team of LEED® Accredited Professionals and extensive design roster of LEED® Certified buildings, we offer valuable insight on how to meet LEED® guidelines ranging from Certified to Platinum level, and effectively integrate a range of sustainable features to meet your goals.

Some of these features could include natural ventilation, building automation systems, access floors, ways to maximize daylight, green and high reflective roofing, water and energy use reduction strategies, as well as minimizing the carbon footprint of the project.

Our proven track record of LEED® Certified projects includes:




Mission Critical

  • 60,000 sq. ft. white tile space - Cambridge ON
    LEED® Gold Certified